Dear Christopher Paolini:

I don´t know how to start this letter, or what to say in it. I have tried it several times, but emotions manage to cloud my words.

I met “Eragon” when I was twelve years old. I saw him on a bookshelf,with that magical blue, with a beautiful dragon in the frame.

Bright scales, deep look, and a lot of desire to read it. That´s how my adventure in the world of reading began. An adventure that still continues and helps me travel, learn and especially all… Feel.

I spent many hours reading in the morning: the appearance of Brom and hislessons,Saphira´s first flight, Eragon´s love and admiration for Arya, the wars that would unite the different races, Angela's charisma, the return of the ancient dragons, the junctionof a broken family… the end of a tyrant king.

I lived and felt it all. I read every word as if it were the last and I spent every second to imagine how it would continue. I looked forward to the last book and with it I felt that a part of me was staying there, flying over Saphira, fighting next to Eragon, but I didn´t care, I gladly gave that piece of me because good stories have to stay with us and, thus, I promise you, years later, that I continue reading your books as excited as the first day and the only thing I can say is… Thanks  you. Thanks for all.

Thank you for the smiles, imagination, happiness, tears… Thank you for guiding me and becoming the humanist that I am. Thank you for helping me find a shelter in the words. I have never been good at conveying mi emotions and I don´t know if I have managed to make you feel a piece of my inside, but it doesn´t matter, just remember that the little piece inside me is multiplied by a thousand.

Argetlam, atra gülai un ilian tauthr ono un atra ono waisé skölir frá rauthr


Noelia Martín López

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